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8 Workstation Design

Welcome to Lesson 8 on the topic of Workstation Design. While Kitting or Sequencing parts to a line as a delivery strategy may not always be the first choice, it is sometimes necessary because of space limitations or high complexity. These various parts delivery strategies need to be a part of your Material Flow Design toolkit, so you know when and when not to use them.

We will be reviewing three main Material Flow strategies related to Workstation Design in this lesson.

First, we’ll review the high-level objectives of Material Management Design, what you are trying to achieve as you design a material delivery system, at a location or workstation. These objectives are a checklist for Material Management design success. We’ll also cover some essential points related to material layout at a Point of Use.

We will then turn our spotlight on three leading practices related to Material Management Design:

1.  The use of combination kits.

2.  The use of selective kitting.

3.  The strategy of moving work physically off-line.