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12 Designing Delivery Routes

Welcome to Lesson 12 on the topic of designing delivery routes. The word “designing” is used intentionally, and means that the material delivery system, including the design of the delivery routes, is an extension of the line design itself. Just like the line was designed for a certain Takt Time, the rhythm or beat of the line, the delivery system should have a cycle that it is designed for, and that it is able to achieve consistently.

We will start with a formal definition of what a delivery route is. There are some key terms that we will also be using that you need to know, like the difference between an “coupled” and “decoupled” delivery route.

We will then proceed to a discussion of the steps required to design your delivery routes, including:

1. The definition of delivery aisles
2. The defined stopping points and delivery points
3. The storage methods at the Point of Use or the Supermarket
4. Determining coupled or decoupled route
5. Analyzing and balancing labor for delivery and parts picking