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Welcome to Lesson 10 on the topic of Overcoming Changeovers. This lesson is a Collaboration activity, since it will require the involvement of both the Material Management team and the Line Design team. Data that you will need to calculate inventory quantities will in part come from the Line Design team. The primary ownership of this step, however, lies with the Material Management team.

This lesson is also a part of the Mixed Model Line Design course, so both teams will be learning the same information in this lesson.

This method applies primarily to machine-intensive environments. The goal is to connect machines that have lengthy changeovers to the line using inventory management techniques. That is why the Material Management team takes the lead in the use of this method. Let’s start with the basic premise of Changeovers.

In this lesson, you will learn the step-by-step methodology for setting optimum batch sizes, when you are dealing with machine processes with changeovers.

You will learn the importance of doing this analysis as early as possible, as it may impact the number of machines you will need.

Work with the Manufacturing Design Team to agree on a solution.

Plan to review this Kanban Supermarket design at a pre-established frequency to keep up with mix and volume changes