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1 Principles of Mixed Model Material Management

Welcome to Lesson 1, an introduction to the basic principles of Lean Material Management. In this lesson we’ll define what is meant by this term, review the “7 Rights” of Material Management, see some examples of Push, Pull and Flow, and begin to apply the methods to your material delivery system.

Since this entire course is on the subject of “Material Management”, defining the term is a good place to start.

You’ll learn about the top eight goals that you, as a material management designer, will need to achieve for your material management system.

We will define the word “strategy”. The Seven Rights are a way to keep the high-level objectives of the material delivery system in mind.

We’ll review the role of the Material Management Team in a line design project, and the importance of collaboration with a number of other teams and departments.

Finally, we will develop an understanding of what is meant by Push, Pull and Flow. This is important because Lean material management is largely, but not exclusively, a Pull system.