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Exercise 8: Integrating Batch Machines

The MOLD process is a plastic injection molding machine that produces a variety of items for the custom power tools line. It will not be able to operate as a direct feeder because there are changeover times required between the different molded housings. Another impediment to direct connection is that the mold process is working two shifts instead of one. While the minimum inventory and most direct connection between processes is an IPK, the MOLD machine cannot change over and run a housing within Takt time. In order to overcome the changeover time, the MOLD machine will need to run a batch of the same part, and store these items in a Kanban Supermarket. The assembly line will consume from the Supermarket, and not directly from the MOLD process. Not every power tool requires the MOLD process, because some housings are purchased from an outside vendor.

Your task now is to calculate the optimum batch size for each molded housing, based on the data provided below, and design a Kanban Supermarket within your conceptual line layout. Use the worksheet provided.