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Exercise 3: Process Commonality

In this Exercise, we will use a quantitative technique to determine whether a given group of products can be built successfully on a Mixed Model Flow Line, given the commonality of their required processes.  This technique will highlight some likely groupings, and some potential problems, within our design scope of nine products.  The technique is particularly useful for companies with hundreds of products, allowing an efficient “first sort” of numerous PFDs. 

Will it be possible to build all the pTool saws, drills and sanders on the same line? So far, you do not know.  The procedure shown below will take you through the steps for generating Product Family Scores for our products.  We’ll then sort these scores into groupings by Family, based on Process Commonality – one of the three criteria for assigning products to a Mixed Model line.  You’ll then discuss with your Coach whether or not all of the products belong in the same family.