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3 Assessment

Welcome to Module 3 of the Mixed Model Line Design course, titled Assessment and Master Plan. This lesson stresses the importance of knowing the Current State of the production line in question, where the opportunities for improvement are, and how you plan to get to the Future State. What we are calling the Master Plan is a document that describes the who, what, when, where and how of the line design project. Proceeding on a line design project without a Master Plan is like taking a trip without a clear destination. You may have an exciting adventure, but you probably won’t end up where you wanted!

Here is what we will be discussing in this lesson:
1. How to assess the Current State of your line. A logical starting point is to know where you are right now in line maturity. The “Read A Plant Fast” method is a great way to do that quickly.
2. Introduction to Value Stream Mapping. This is another common Lean tool to document the entire Value Stream, from launch to completion of the product. 3. Learn 15 line design guidelines used by industry leaders. You’ll review a list of 15 performance elements that need to be included in your Current State assessment.
4. Acceptance criteria for a completed line design. The philosophy here is “Start with the end in mind”, so you will review the desired outcomes of your line design project.